Wellness Days start tomorrow

April 22, 2021

Dear Cornell Community,

Tomorrow we begin a second period of Wellness Days, April 23-26, to allow students an opportunity to rest and refocus and take time away from their academic responsibilities. The university will remain open during this break, but faculty and staff are encouraged to make time for self-care as well.

As a reminder, no exams are to be given, nor graded assignments to be due, during this break or on the day immediately after (Tuesday, April 27). Any faculty who may have inadvertently assigned academic work during these dates are asked to adjust their plans and inform students accordingly. It is important to preserve this time for student wellness and rest.

The university’s travel policy remains in effect for the duration of the spring semester, including during Wellness Days, with limited-to-no personal travel by students permitted beyond the greater Ithaca area. Members of the Cornell Tech community should refer to their travel policy for guidance.

We hope that our Ithaca students will make the most of this academic break by participating in numerous in-person, physically distanced events being held on campus. Student and Campus Life has many fun activities planned leading up to Cornell’s 156th Charter Day on April 27. As with any such gatherings, participants must wear face coverings and follow all university health and safety requirements.

This has been a challenging semester and year for our entire community, as we all face stresses related to the pandemic and to unrest happening locally, nationally and globally. Please take opportunities to care for yourself, look out for one another and use the break to rest and recharge safely.


Michael Kotlikoff

Ryan Lombardi
Vice President for Student and Campus Life

Mary Opperman
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer