Option for approved employees to resume on-campus work

April 6, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past several weeks, New York state has gradually expanded eligibility for COVID-19 vaccination, and we’re pleased to say that all faculty and staff who are approved to work on campus, along with many others, now qualify to be vaccinated; and beginning today, everyone 16 years of age or older can begin to schedule a vaccination appointment.

As you know, throughout the pandemic many of us – even if approved to be on campus – have been expected to work from home, when possible, in order to allow for physical distancing and to maintain low densities in our facilities. However, with COVID-19 vaccination now becoming more widely available, it is now possible for more employees to safely return to campus for work, should they choose to do so.

Beginning next week, anyone who is currently approved to work on campus but who has been primarily working remotely may request to return to campus. It is still important to avoid overcrowding, specifically in smaller labs and office spaces; therefore, it is up to each college or unit to make a final determination regarding an overall work plan. Please discuss this with your supervisor before making any changes to your schedule.

Regardless of vaccination status, employees working on campus must follow all public health guidelines, such as mask wearing, physical distancing and, in some cases, increased surveillance testing.

More campus operations will resume over the coming months, allowing, over time, more employees to return for in-person work; that planning process is currently underway.

Thank you for adhering to Cornell’s health and safety guidelines and for doing so much to ensure the success of our programs.


Michael Kotlikoff

Mary Opperman
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer