Delayed billing of fall 2020 tuition and student fees

July 6, 2020

Dear Cornellian,

Last week, President Pollack announced the university’s plans for residential instruction this fall. While we are pleased that a decision has been reached through a rigorous and thoughtful process, we also understand that students and their families may need additional time to review this information and to determine their plans for the fall semester prior to the July billing cycle. Therefore, in order to provide accurate billing statements for the fall 2020 semester, the university will be delaying the billing of tuition and other student-related fees by four weeks.

Under normal circumstances, the billing statements that are issued in July would carry charges for tuition, housing, dining and Student Health insurance fees for the fall semester. This year, it is anticipated that those charges will appear instead on the August billing statements, to be issued on August 7, 2020. That bill will be due for payment on September 7, 2020.

July billing statements will be issued to students with summer term tuition, other new charges and those carrying balances from prior months.

Students who completed an application for financial aid before June 1 can expect to receive their financial aid notification prior to the August billing statement. Please refer to your financial aid to-do list on Student Center for any outstanding documentation that may be pending.

We wish you a pleasant, healthy summer and we look forward to having our wonderful Cornell community together once again soon.


Michelle Benedict-Jones
University Treasurer and Interim Bursar