Adjustments to tenure process in light of pandemic

March 31, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

In consultation with the unit deans and the dean of faculty, we are implementing the following changes in the normal advancement processes for tenure-track faculty to mitigate the disruptive impact of the pandemic.

Except for those individuals whose reviews are currently in progress, the evaluation period for reappointment or tenure review for all current tenure-track faculty members will be extended by one year, and the term of appointment will be adjusted accordingly. Faculty members, with the approval of their department chair and dean, may elect to forgo the extension and be reviewed in the normal time frame.

All reappointment and tenure reviews that are currently in progress (i.e. those tenure reviews due for provost review August of 2020) should continue unless the unit dean in consultation with the provost’s office determines that pausing a specific review is warranted. Deans and department chairs should closely monitor all review processes to ensure a fair and accurate assessment.

We will continue to assess the evolving situation, and we are working with the deans to address other possible impacts on our broader faculty, including faculty who will be joining the university in the coming months.

Best regards,

Michael Kotlikoff

John Siliciano
Deputy Provost

Avery August
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs