Student Travel

To curb potential spread of COVID-19, students residing in the Ithaca area this spring are expected to remain in Ithaca for the duration of the semester with limited-to-no personal travel outside of the greater Ithaca area.

Student travel during this period will be subject to a strict approval process and approved travel will be limited to that which is deemed essential due to urgent or extenuating circumstances. Students who are granted approval to travel must follow all re-entry testing and quarantine procedures before access to campus facilities is restored. Failure to comply with quarantine and testing requirements is a violation of the Cornell Student Behavioral Compact, as well as New York state law.

Students who choose to travel without approval—or who otherwise are granted approval but are subject to mandatory quarantine and testing requirements upon return to the Ithaca area—may not be permitted to return to campus (including on-campus housing). In addition, those students may not be able to attend in-person classes and exams (without an option to participate online, per the Classes and Activities Agreement) and may lose additional privileges. Failure to abide by the University’s travel guidelines and directives is a violation of the Cornell Student Behavioral Compact.

If students are faced with an extenuating circumstance that they believe requires them to leave Ithaca, they must request travel approval through the Daily Check. Absent a true emergency, travel request forms must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of anticipated travel.

Frequently Asked Questions