Cornell strongly recommends that anyone returning to campus after international travel follow CDC guidance: Consider getting a COVID test if you develop symptoms before, during or after travel; if you will be traveling to visit someone who is at higher risk of getting very sick; or if you were in a situation with greater risk of exposure. If you traveled and feel sick, talk to a healthcare professional and tell them about your recent travel. Antigen test kits are available at a variety of campus locations to all students, faculty and staff. Cornell Health will continue to offer PCR tests for symptomatic students who meet the clinical testing criteria.

Please continue to monitor travel restrictions to see how changing requirements might affect your overseas travel. We urge you to check International SOS (ISOS) as a reliable source for the latest information on travel restrictions and entrance requirements for any countries through or to which you will be traveling. To login, please use your NETID and password as the portal is SSO enabled. From the link, click the COVID Trip Planner button in the center, enter your travel information, and then click on “see requirements.” Verify with your airline which types of tests or other documentation are accepted for boarding as requirements may change quickly and without notice.

Please note: The university’s travel guidelines may change based on emerging public health data and guidance.

Travel Documents and Proof of Vaccination

When returning to the U.S., travelers should have their documents needed for reentry. The CDC website offers guidance on testing requirements.

Cayuga Medical Center continues to provide testing and travel documents. PCR and antigen tests are available locally at retail locations. Many airports also have on-site testing.

Prior to your flight, review your airline’s guidance on masking requirements. If you will return to the United States after your travel, plan ahead and review US-bound flight requirements.