Travel remains one of the biggest risks for getting or spreading COVID-19. To ensure the health and safety of Cornell’s campus and our surrounding community, faculty, staff, students and visitors must abide by the university’s travel and visitor policy (PDF).

Students residing in the Ithaca area during the spring 2021 semester are expected to remain in Ithaca for the duration of the semester with limited-to-no personal travel outside of the greater Ithaca area. Student travel during this period will be subject to a strict approval process limiting any personal student travel to that which is deemed essential due to extenuating circumstances.

For faculty and staff, the restriction on non-essential business travel is in place through May 31, 2021. Essential business travel requires approval by the appropriate college dean, vice president or vice provost, and plans must follow existing university policies governing travel. Personal travel that presents increased risk of virus transmission remains discouraged. If faculty or staff do choose to travel, they are expected to comply with all state, federal and international travel guidelines. Employees who travel internationally for personal reasons will be expected to follow CDC guidance upon their return.

All university-related international travel remains restricted through May 31, 2021. Beginning June 1, faculty, staff and students — graduate, professional and undergraduate — may petition to travel internationally on essential or non-essential Cornell-related business and research, provided that the financial expenditure has been approved.

Standing Committee on Travel and Visitors

Exceptions to the COVID-19 Travel and Visitor Policy (PDF) (including more- and less-restrictive measures) for any reason (including for specific subsets of staff and faculty in a particular college or unit) will be considered by request to the Standing Committee on Travel and Visitors. Such requests can be made after they have been endorsed by the appropriate college dean, vice president or vice provost.

Committee members include:

  • Kevin Hallock, Joseph R. Rich Professor of Economics and Human Resource Studies
  • Rick Burgess, Vice President for Facilities and Campus Services
  • Gary Koretzky, Vice Provost for Academic Integration
  • Mary Opperman, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Madelyn Wessel, University Counsel & Secretary of the Corporation
  • Wendy Wolford, Vice Provost for International Affairs

Need help?

The COVID-19 Support Center offers support to all members of the Cornell community for questions regarding testing, vaccines, travel and more.

Operating hours:
Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm | By phone: 9 am to 4 pm
Saturday to Sunday, 10 am to 1 pm