While there are still uncertainties with the progression of the virus and potential changes to federal and state guidelines, the university has announced plans to follow the 2020-21 academic calendar, with classes beginning Feb. 8 on the Ithaca and Cornell Tech campuses. As with the fall semester, classes in the spring will be offered in a variety of modalities, including in-person, online and hybrid approaches.

The Student Behavioral Compact will continue in the spring semester, with expectations outlined for all students. This includes mask wearing, physical distancing, travel restrictions, limitations on gatherings and in-person events, rules for visitors, and flu shot requirements.

All students – whether remote or joining us in the Ithaca area – will be expected to complete the Spring Checklist, which will include multiple actions for students to complete before they can finalize enrollment in spring courses. Failure to complete the checklist can also impact a student’s ability to move-in or access campus facilities. Please continue to monitor your Cornell email for updates.

Resources to help students with planning for the spring semester