Spring 2021 semester courses have begun on the Ithaca and Cornell Tech campuses, with instruction dates outlined in the 2020-21 academic calendar. Spring courses are offered in a variety of modalities, including in-person, online and hybrid approaches.

Tools for Learning

Many key resources remain available, including libraries and The Learning Strategies Center support for undergraduate students.

The Learning Strategies Center has developed a checklist to help students learn online, and additional resources are below.

Instruction Modes

Courses in the spring are being offered in a variety of modalities, including in-person, synchronous online, hybrid, and asynchronous distance learning approaches.

The instruction modes are described in The Guide to Spring 2021 Enrollment and include:

  • In person – Course is delivered in-person (i.e., face-to-face instruction). All required class meetings occur on campus, during scheduled meeting times.
  • Online – Course is delivered online, delivered synchronously (live, in real time) during scheduled meeting times. Student are expected to participate in synchronously as long as the scheduled meeting time is between 8 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. in their local time zone.
  • Hybrid – Online and In Person – Course combines in-person instruction during scheduled meeting times with online learning, using a rotational attendance model. Some in-person activity is required.
    • Rotational Hybrid: rotational in person attendance to be determined by instructor.
    • Split Hybrid: in person attendance supplemented by additional online contact hours.
  • Distance Learning Asynchronous – All students and instructors interact online. Involves well-designed, pre-recorded content and curated asynchronous interaction. Content is accessed by students at unspecified times.
  • Direct Research – Research work supervised by an advisor or a faculty member. Delivery varies.
  • Independent Studies – Coursework supervised by an advisor or faculty member. Delivery varies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Policies and Information for the Spring Semester

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