Cornell University has announced plans for the fall semester, which includes a hybrid approach to a residential semester (with in-person, online and hybrid teaching modalities), robust virus testing, and modifications to the academic calendar that will allow students to begin classes on Sept. 2 and return home for Thanksgiving and finish the semester remotely. Detailed plans for an extended, phased move-in period, including screening for COVID-19, will be released in the weeks ahead.

All students living on campus and in the Ithaca community will be required to sign the Cornell Behavioral Compact to attest that they will abide by critical, public health-driven behavioral expectations around the wearing of masks, physical distancing, daily health check-ins, hygiene/cleaning and social gatherings.

In preparation for your arrival to campus, whether living on-campus or off-campus, please visit Student Essentials to update your Ithaca address, emergency contact information, and phone number if you have not done so already. A request for additional information, including your estimated arrival date and how you are traveling to Ithaca, will be sent via email soon.

These plans apply to the Ithaca campus and Cornell AgriTech in Geneva. Given the varying impacts and progression of the virus in New York City, Cornell Tech and Weill Cornell Medicine campuses have developed their own plans for the fall semester.

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