Health & Safety

Face Masks

High quality face masks must be worn in the following spaces and circumstances:

  • Students and instructors in classrooms, laboratories and similar teaching settings. Faculty who are able to maintain physical distance from others while teaching may choose to do so unmasked.
  • Healthcare and COVID-19 testing facilities (including Cornell Health). The College of Veterinary Medicine will provide future mask guidance for diagnostic and clinical facilities.
  • Buses and Cornell-owned vehicles being utilized for multi-occupancy travel.

The choice to continue masking, even when not required, is a personal one, and no one should be made to feel uncomfortable because of their choice. It is well established that wearing a mask while indoors reduces the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Individuals who are concerned about the risk of infection are encouraged to continue to wear a mask, and we ask that all members of our community support and respect one another’s masking choices. Vaccination remains the best protection against serious illness and we urge those who have not yet been vaccinated or boosted to do so.

Approved masks include masks with any of the following certifications: ASTM (procedure or surgical), KN95, FFP2, KF94 or NIOSH N95. Cloth masks are not approved unless worn in conjunction with an ASTM medical mask.

Observe these additional precautions when in spaces and circumstances that require masks::

  • Minimize your time unmasked
  • Minimize unmasked conversations
  • If in groups, minimize the group size

Approved masks will be available at any of the COVID-19 testing sites.

Departments and Units can pick up mask supplies at the Cornell Recycling Facility. Pre-ordering is not required.

Cornell Recycle Center
251 Solidago Road
Ithaca, NY 14850
Pick Up Hours: 8:00-3:30

Employees who choose to a wear NIOSH certified N95 mask must complete required EHS 2386 Respirator Voluntary Use Sign Off on CU Learn; this is a short training and an Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requirement.

Food at Meeting and Events
For specific guidance on food at meetings and events, see the events page.

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