Employee Public Health Requirements, Effective July 1

As the vaccination rate of Cornell’s on-campus population increases, many employees will return to work as on-campus operations begin to return to normal in anticipation of a fully in-person fall 2021 semester.

Each college or unit will determine staffing plans for their respective work units, in accordance with university principles for campus repopulation. Employees should review all on-campus guidance and engage with their supervisor prior to resuming in-person work or changing individual work schedules.

The university has modified its existing campus COVID-19 health and safety requirements to more closely align with New York state guidance. At this time, Cornell is not requiring our employees to be vaccinated; however, we strongly encourage all members of our community to be vaccinated when eligible. Employees are expected to document their vaccination status with the university, along with acting honestly and ethically in observing workplace requirements for mask-wearing. If you have already been vaccinated, but have not yet uploaded your proof of vaccination, please do so in the Daily Check today.

Public Health Requirements, Effective July 1 Fully vaccinated faculty and staff* Unvaccinated faculty and staff**
Maintain 6-foot physical distance with others, when possible. Not Required Required
Wear a mask when indoors. Not Required Required***
Wear a mask outdoors when gathering in groups of any size on Cornell property where physical distancing is not possible. Not Required Required
Participate in surveillance testing. Not Required Required
Utilize supplemental testing as needed. Optional Optional
Complete supplemental testing following domestic or international travel. Not Required Strongly encouraged
Vehicle occupancy. Full Occupancy Reduced Occupancy (see Cornell Vehicle Occupancy Guidelines)

* Employees are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving their final dose schedule of an FDA-authorized vaccine. Proof of vaccination must be uploaded to the Daily Check.

** May be subject to special accommodations requirements of individuals with disabilities who are unable to be vaccinated and are in the workplace.

*** Masks must be worn indoors at all times, unless in a private office or when eating; physical distancing must be maintained when unmasked.